From The Heart

My entire life, and maybe some of you, I have lived for others.  If every minute of the day is not spent doing something productive that will serve another human being, guilt will set in, so much so that I didn’t even know what it was I wanted anymore.  In fact the duties that I was (still am) performing on a daily basis were just that, duties, obligations, life as it is.

It has recently come to my attention over the last several months that my mind overpowers my heart.  My mind has been in strict survival mode and my heart has been shut down.  How sad is that?  And to think that none of this even remotely occurred to me. I am certain that this is extremely common among women yet certainly not talked about or dealt with.  It has explained exactly why I have been blocked in certain areas of my life, most specifically money!

This will be an ongoing process that I will continue to heal and explore and “teach”.  As I learn to open my heart, I learn to manifest my desires and money.  There is no denying that money is necessary and it is NOT evil.  It’s more than OK to love it, embrace it, use it.  So as we explore this glorious journey to live for ourselves and expect abundance in all areas of our lives, we must also need to understand how money is a great tie to our own hearts.

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