What The Election Says About Literacy

I have never been very political, until this election. As a strong independent woman who works in education and has a few side small businesses, I am very disappointed with the outcome.  Be that as it may, as millions of others across the country and world, concern for the lack of knowledge among the American people is astounding! Unemployment is less than 5%.  Look around at your local retail stores and restaurants and notice all of the help wanted signs in plain sight.  There is nothing wrong with America.  The economy is moving in the right direction.  People are back to work and working hard.

But wait!  There is something wrong with America! Personal financial literacy is very low. This is clearly demonstrated by the American people themselves.  If they are personally feeling that America is in trouble then they don’t understand their own personal finances. They are having problems with living within their means, managing debt, budgeting and living the American dream.  One man in power does NOT mean the American people can now live their dream.  Their dream is inside all of us and with the correct knowledge we are ALL capable of achieving everything we want.

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