Is Black Friday Really Blue Friday?

How exciting to know that you can get the best deal of the year on any item that ever was after recuperating from an often long, diet crashing, possibly stressful day.  Your options are endless and your Christmas gift list is large, which seems to grow as you shop.  If there ever was a time to budget your money and stick to it, it is now.  Don’t wait to begin your financial responsibilities on January 1.  Start now!  List your giftees and don’t deviate. As great as that new blender deal is, if it doesn’t benefit anyone on your list don’t add it for yourself.  Wait until the after Christmas (just as good deals) and use your gift card from your brother and his wife.  Whether you are shopping in a store or online, stay on budget and keep track of all your purchases. If you have the day off after Thanksgiving, focus on getting all your shopping done to enjoy and pay for all your purchases well before you celebrate the rest of the holidays.  Black Friday doesn’t have to make you blue.

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