How Wonderful that We Have Choices!

Despite what we have been told over the course of this last year, we as Americans, home of the free, where millions of people want to flock, are doing great! Unemployment is lower than it has been in years and consumer spending is up.  This is great news for the economy and great news for you as an individual if you make the right choices.  Believe it or not, so many people can survive on their salaries, despite what they think.  It is all about priorities and choices.  If you choose to live like a victim and complain that you can’t make ends meet then that is exactly what will happen, you won’t make ends meet.  If you choose to put forth the attitude of “I want to change, live within my means and live out my dreams and desires,” you can and you will.

Before the holiday is a great opportunity to make some personal choice changes.  Your budget must change to include gifting.  It is NEVER a good idea to charge anything without intending on paying off your credit card completely.  So let’s talk about these choices. Maybe you decide this month that you should forgo that $50 manicure and paint your own nails?  Maybe you decide this month to skip that daily latte and brew your own coffee from home?  Maybe you decide this month to give Aldi a try?  You could get an entire week’s worth of groceries for $45!  Maybe you decide this month to bag your lunch each day? Maybe this month you decide to get your hair cut and colored at the local beauty institute for $10 instead of $200?  How much have we saved?  Hundreds!  There are options and wonderful choices in this great place we call America.  If there is any time of year where we should prioritize our spending habits it’s now. Choose to have a Happy Thanksgiving on a budget!


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