You Will Get What You Want

You can have your cake and eat it too.  Whatever you choose to have good or bad, and let’s hope for good, you dream it, desire it and it will become your destiny.  The timing is not within your control, but your thoughts, wishes, and attitudes are.  The universal law of attraction or laws of prosperity are laws within our universe and they are proven just like the laws of gravity.  You attract what you think, feel and speak.  This can be devastating, or present unbelievable opportunities to have everything you want and more.  The key is what you are thinking.  If you choose to think ” I will never have enough money to pay off my credit cards,” you certainly won’t.  But if you choose to believe “My life is full of abundance and money.  My credit cards are paid off completely and I have money in the bank,” so it shall be.  

Seriously?  Just like The Secret?  You want and it appears?  Well, not exactly.  But it can be that simple.  The details and timing are factors that you cannot worry about.  The most difficult part is changing your thought patterns consistently.  No, you won’t have money flying in from a stork or hanging off the tree in your backyard, but maybe you will develop a budget and notice a large sum of money that hasn’t been accounted for.  Or maybe you will get an increase in pay or find an entirely different way of doing things that saves you a bundle.   Whatever you believe about yourself and your surroundings will come true, so make sure you approach your thoughts, dreams and desires with extreme positivity because you will get what you want.




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