Investing? Huh? Me?

I have been reading a lot about investing lately, a subject that is not taught in high school and only taught in college if you majored in finance.   Investing is a simple concept that is extremely difficult to understand and certainly more difficult to master.  Most people believe that investing is only for the rich people who actually have to put all of their extra money somewhere other than their mattress.  The people I know can barely keep money in their checking account, let alone a savings or an “investment”.  But this is a huge missing piece in the personal financial literacy puzzle!  There are so many concepts and financial living strategies that the majority of the American population don’t know.  And what is the saying?  You don’t know what you don’t know?  But it’s such an injustice that we are not forced to learn the basics of money.  We must get into the habit of knowing, feeling, and emotionalizing that money is not just for the upper class.  Money is for all of us.  We need to learn and relearn and practice.  The unfortunate truth is that investment strategies have been kept from us by the upper echelon of society.  The other unfortunate truth is that people don’t want to develop a relationship with money.  They have no problem spending it but don’t want to take the time to embrace it, love it, and make it duplicate itself.  You can and you should find the extra money to invest.  As I plow my own way through the investment learning process, I will be sure to pass on my strategies.  In the meantime, look for ways to find the little extra money you have to love, endear, and encourage it to work for you in the wonderful world of investing!

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