Already a New Year?? But I’m Still Financially Behind!

Year after year so quickly it goes!  As we get older time flies faster and faster like a race that we can’t quite catch up in.  But we don’t have to remain in the the last place position each year.  Let’s make this the year we pull ahead.  Let’s make this year we set aside some of that time that is whizzing by to educate ourselves with our own personal finances.  Forget the resolutions of weight loss and cleaning your house (all good though) and focus on taking small steps everyday to learn about the international language of money.  Don’t just resolve to save $300/per month.  Don’t just resolve to cut back on your Starbuck’s habit, or resolve to brown bag it to work.  Take action on locating where your money goes. Put together a budget.  Track your spending.  Learn your own personal must haves.  Find a smart investment to put that $300/month in.  Educate yourself rather than just tell yourself what you think you need to do because that is what the world says.  As we begin a new year with new hope, a new attitude, a new philosophy, begin the new year with also a renewed effort to obtain what you desire starting with cleaning your financial house.

Here are three steps to consider to commence 2017 in your house of finances.

  1.  Take a full inventory of all your bank accounts and investments.  Put it all in front of you and really take a look at it.  If you can’t read it (many can’t) ASK!  This is your hard earned work!
  2. Look at all your spending, credit cards, debit cards, checks, automatic payments for the last 3 months.  See if you can use a spreadsheet or app like Mint to  put all of it in categories.  Find someone to help you with this arduous process as it might be for some.  Believe me, there are people out there that love this and find it exciting (me!).
  3. Use the above information to set up a budget for 2017.  There are apps out there to help you or again, use a professional.

Starting out the new year with your own personal financial transactional knowledge will jump start you on your new educational pursuit to your desired life.  Follow the flow and don’t let the year fly by without learning something about what it is you actually are working for in this lifetime.  Knowledge is only power if you take action and use it. There is no need to be financially behind.  Catch up this year and win your own personal race.  The reward is your true desires.


One thought on “Already a New Year?? But I’m Still Financially Behind!

  1. Excellente’. Really great advice. Up to date and timely!!! I was wondering when you were going to put out another edition.

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