Perfect Time To Gather

As the end of January approaches we can be grateful for the slow progression of increased daylight, our renewed attitudes on changes we are making for 2017, and the gathering of our financial information for the upcoming tax season!  This a perfect time to start that “budget” that we always wanted to begin.  Days are still gray (certainly here in Chicago!) and new dreams and destinies are percolating.  Let’s take the time and energy to gather our financial documents.  Sound exciting?  Maybe not.  Sound important?  Absolutely!  More than you can possibly imagine.  Nobody wants to be on a budget, but it is the first step towards your desires, destinies and financial independence.  Over the next couple of weeks I will explain the importance of knowing, analyzing, understanding and keeping personal financial documents.  We will learn where to find your inflows and outflows of money.  This is an instrumental step in your brand new successful 2017.

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