Organize Your Closet? Organize Your Finances!

Organize finance

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to have your closets organized just the way you want it?  Whether you pay a professional to do it or just find a rainy/snowy Saturday afternoon to put the time in yourself, it feels amazing!!!!  Your whole outlook on life can change and get simplified and free your stress.  You don’t need 5 black tank tops.  You don’t need 6 black blazers (unless you are Rachael Maddow).  Eliminate and consolidate.

The same philosophy can be applied to your finances!  Eliminate and consolidate!  Just as you would evaluate your entire wardrobe before you decide what stays or goes, that’s what you need to do with your finances.  Take all of your expenses and put them together to see exactly what you have.   This is the consolidation phase.  You may find redundancies or surprises or just plain what was I thinking (like that multi-colored ruffled skirt lying on the floor of your closet).  Now we can eliminate!  Your first priority in your financial organization is credit card debt!

With interest rates on the rise, despite the advantages of your investments increasing, did you realize that your credit card interest rates will also rise?  Why should you pay more than what you bargained for?  Figure out what you can eliminate from your expenses and put that money towards paying off your credit cards before they become even more expensive.

Don’t have a clue how to begin this process of organizing your finances?  Call an expert!  Just as you would pay a fee to professionally organize your house or closet, you can hire someone to organize your finances.  It is an investment in you.  You not only deserve it; you need it!



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