Don’t Break From Your Bills

summer billsNow that the Fourth of July festivities are over and our country made it through with minor scathing, it’s time to get back to business or back to summer break as usual.  I love summer because when I get up right before 6:00 am, it’s already completely light out! There is so much possibility and time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done and time left over for play.  However, this requires prioritizing.

Youch!  Prioritizing?  During the summer?  Isn’t that supposed to be a time for freedom and leisure and taking a break?  Of course, but there are some necessary items that must be taken care of consistently.  Like bills!  If you have automated all of your fixed bills (good for you!), but that doesn’t account for all the other items you are spending.  These must be adhered to as well.  You can’t break from your expenditures and say “I’ll just look at these in the Fall”.  With rising interest rates on credit cards you will paying these expenses for years to come.

Pay attention to your daily expenses.  Look at your bank account and compare it to your debit card transactions.  Look at your credit card expenses online and daily bank account transactions.  Are you spending the same each month?  More?  Did your monthly interest charge go up?  Can you transfer your balance to a 0% interest 15 month credit card?  Can you develop a plan to pay off your bill before the 0% runs out?  Seriously ask yourself these questions.  Plan on the next week taking a hard look at your daily spending habits.  You will learn a lot!  Force yourself to come to terms with your spending habits, deserved or not.  As you enjoy your summer, you must also be cognizant of your bills.  Don’t let them slip away as you bask in the sun or float down the river.  It’s worth the little extra time you may have and do have once you prioritize.


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